Artists and bands submit to get accepted to play festivals for free, your music on the radio, your music on spotify and more

The Top Opp List – CURRENT & CURATED Top Links: Submit to Play Festivals, Radio Play, Gigs, Blog Coverage and more for Bands and Artists – Paid / Free Music Exposure Opportunities

How does it work? Take 30 seconds, scan this current and curated top list of links, match to your needs, and then actually submit your band.

Updated often, past links have included fee and free opportunities to play festivals, get free radio play, get song mastering, get blog coverage, get online/FM radio play, get recording discounts, get free studio time, music placements to get your music into TV commercials and shows, get your music into movies, submit to attend awesome conferences where you can showcase and network, and more.

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Artists and bands submit to get accepted to play festivals for free, your music on the radio, your music on spotify and more

Top 10+ Band Gig Opportunities You Might Have Missed – Submit to Festivals and more

You might have missed these previous Top 10+ opportunities, but it’s not too late! We will be reporting the Current Top 10+ Submissions for Artists at the beginning of every month!

For your convenience, we’ve started archiving the expired submissions so you can find some inspiration, or in some cases, plan for the future when some of these festivals, conferences, and other repeating events (rock -n-) roll around again.

You’ll find paid gigs, festivals, press, pr, radio play, and placement possibilities for your band and music.

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Easy Guide: You can print your own band T-shirts! That also GLOW IN THE DARK (if you want)

Looking for a straightforward guide for making your own band T-shirts? You’re in the right place! We’ve created a detailed step by step list, complete with links to other great sites in case you want to dig in further, but the overall purpose is to save you money – and hours of research and give you the tools you need to make awesome t-shirts that are limited only to your creative design. Continue reading

How To: Musical Equipment Insurance For The Touring Band

Here’s the quick down & dirty on MusicPro Insurance, if you can’t afford to replace your equipment if it gets stolen, you need this.


MusicPro Insurance**


This should almost be mandatory for touring bands. It’s sort of like a fire extinguisher – it seems an unnecessary waste of money until the moment you need it. Assuming the worst happens in the middle of your tour – your gear gets stolen or damaged to the point of being unusable – with the proper coverage you can recover quickly and get back on track, and it’s not that expensive.

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What is Spotaband, and why should I sign up my band?

Spotaband exists for this reason: to help performing bands/artists earn enough to dedicate themselves to a life of music. The approach is simple, we combine technology and best practices to greatly amplify the value musicians have to offer – their music!

If you are in a working indie band, we don’t have to tell you that it’s tough out there.

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Stay Tuned – And Get Ready To Get More Music Fans!

We’ve got some exciting announcements coming soon, but if you are reading this, the chance is pretty good that you are just learning about Spotaband – we are so new we are barely walking yet.

And we realize that the title sounds like a pitch musicians get hit with all day long: “Send us a check, sit back, and we’ll make you successful!”

But this is different. (We know they would say that too!) And here’s where we part from them: we can prove it without you paying a dime: sign up for free, see how it works, and if you aren’t excited? Well, then you’ve lost the time it takes to make a good sandwich. Which you can still do. Continue reading