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Fri May 04 2018

Patrick Sweany, Ian Fitzgerald & Something Else

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Columbus Theatre

270 Broadway, Providence, RI, 02903

Patrick Sweany, Ian Fitzgerald & Something Else at Columbus Theatre

Columbus Theatre    Patrick Sweany    Ian Fitzgerald 

Real Estate with special guest Habibi

Columbus Theatre  ( 38+196)

Fri Jun 15 2018
Real Estate with special guest Habibi at Columbus Theatre 

A Ritual of Evil

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Sat May 26 2018
Old School Satanic Death Metal Legends CRUCIFIER return to Rhode Island CRUCIFIER ( PA ) - HEADROT ( RI ) - MARTYRVORE ( NH ) - VEIN ( RI ) - 8PM $10. 

Old School Metal Night VIII: Matthias Steele, Horned Majesty, Perennial Quest, Adamantis plus more TBA

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Fri Jul 06 2018
Old School Metal Night returns to Providence this summer for the first time in more than a year! Matthias Steele (Westerly, RI Heavy Metal since 1985) Horned Majesty (Traditional Heavy Metal from Providence) Perennial Quest (Power Metal from Boston) Adamantis (Heavy/... 

Empty County Band and guests

Dusk  ( 17+54)

Tue May 22 2018
Empty County Band 10:30 Adapter Adapter 9:45 Immediate Threat 9:15 Lainey Dionne 8:30 

Wormrot, Escuela + TBD at AS220

AS220  ( 75+218)

Sat May 26 2018
Armageddon Shop Presents: WORMROT ESCUELA + TBC Saturday May 26th 9pm All Ages / Drink w/ID $ TBD AS220 115 Empire St Providence RI 02903 

Red Hare/Sweet Jesus (Last Show)/Holy Hands/Silver Screams

AS220  ( 72+117)

Thu May 31 2018
Red Hare?s roots run all the way back to the Washington DC music scene of the 80?s and 90?s, where Shawn Brown, Jason Farrell and Dave Eight immersed themselves in the braids and tangles of that city?s unique strain of hardcore. In 1987, Shawn (the original [and current] singer of Dag Nasty) and guitarist Jason founded Swiz? a harsher take on melodic hardcore released by Dischord?s sister-label S... 

Cocktails and Conversations: Media, Language and Representation

AS220  ( 12+232)

Thu May 24 2018
This is a conversation about gender, race, class, ability, ethnicity and media literacy. We explore how language deployed in media 1) communicates certain kinds of messages, 2) constructs shared understandings, 3) conveys ideas and feelings, 4) produces images that are circulated, consumed, and reproduced, and 4) organizes and regulates social practices, thus, having real, practical effects. We... 

Cartoon Justice (CA) Soundtrack for Film without Camera

AS220  ( 4+7)

Tue Jun 05 2018
California art collective Cartoon Justice is in town! Bringing a full multi media experience, with local openers Alan Sondheim and Azure doing experimental music. Full explanation below: Highly colorful sonic-landscape. by the collective ensemble Cartoon Justice and their guest(s) . Work performed as soundtrack for kinetic generative videos and/or the listeners own internal mental imagery... C...