Sat Apr 28 2018

Neil Alexander & NAIL: Birthday Concert

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The Falcon Underground

Keyboardist Neil Alexander and his high energy, electric ensemble NAIL, celebrate another revolution around the sun!

Known for their tight compositional style and long-form improvisations, this hi-tech jam band performance will feature current NAIL members Nadav Snir-Zelniker (drums) and Brian Mooney (bass) with a host of guest artists.

Also featured: selections from Neil?s extensive back catalog - some dating back to 1982 - many of which haven't been performed in over 20 years, and Neil?s favorite Jazz Fusion classics by the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Weather Report, and Jeff Beck among others.

Guests Artists will include guitarists Monroe Quinn & James Keepnews (Guitars), Pete Furlan (sax), Steve Frieder (sax) Joe Gil (trombone), Robert Kopec (Upright Bass), Chris Bowman (percussion), Danny Pagan (Drums), and original NAIL bassist Keith Macksoud (1996 - 2001).

Neil Alexander is a 20 year resident of the Hudson Valley and is known for his aggressive style and his uncompromising commitment to musical excellence.

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