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Sun Jun 03 2018

LANY w/ Colouring at Fete Music Hall

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Fete Music Hall

103 Dike St, Providence, RI, 02909

Bowery Boston presents

doors 7pm / all ages / $22
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?I?ve always fallen head first into any relationship,? begins LANY front man Paul Klein, discussing the emotions that fuel LANY?s passionate, hazy and enthralling debut album. ?I only know two speeds: 0 and 100.?
The topic of accelerating from 0 to 100 might just as easily be applied to his band?s extraordinary rise. When Klein and bandmates Les Priest and Jake Goss put their first song online in 2014 they had no social followers, no fans and no photos; within weeks their play counts were leaping up exponentially, and their take on modern alternative-pop was building up a steady following.
By the time LANY formally released the first in a series of EPs the band had established their own lane on music?s crowded highway. Billboard praised the group?s ?lush, luxuriant? alternative sound when ?I Loved You? dropped; by 2016, and the release of Where The Hell Are My Friends, The Line Of Best Fit were praising LANY?s music for its ?swooning mélange of gilded vocals, spidery riffs, and dusky synths?. ?Apart from sounding amazing overall,? Nylon added, ?the trio go the extra mile in everything they do, including curating their website and merchandise to fit their minimalist aesthetic.?
Much of the music that propelled them to multi-million-stream success was recorded out of aux sockets. ?It was very do it yourself,? Klein smiles. ?We were led by conviction and instinct ? writing and recording simultaneously. We didn't demo anything. We just decided: let's make a band, stick the music online ourselves, and see what happens.?
While it might feel counterintuitive for a band so rooted in modern music discovery to craft an album when headlines all around us scream about the album format being dead, LANY see this album as a statement. ?We're creating a world of LANY that people exist in, identify with and discover themselves through? Paul explains. For a shot in the dark, LANY?s album is something of a triumph, underpinned by distinctive, wistful lyrics that continue to set LANY apart from their peers.

Fete Music Hall    Bowery Boston 

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