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Sat Apr 21 2018

Cajun Cray Cray Boil

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Firetrucker Brewery

716 SW 3rd St, Ankeny, IA, 50023

Join us for our FOURTH annual Cajun Crawfish Boil. It is an authentic south Louisiana experience under the direction of Baton Rouge transplant Noah Levy and his awesome cook crew of Louisiana natives and LSU alums.

We have ordered enough Crawfish from Louisiana to have food for PLENTY of people. We will be doing the boil in our Beer Garden so roll up your sleeves and get ready to dig in to the spicy Crawfish, potatoes, corn, mushrooms and other great stuff. Don't be afraid to use your hands as that's what this is all about!

We will have games, music, and an extended beer garden in the afternoon into the evening! Boil is from 11:30-2pm, doors open at 11am.

If there are tickets still remaining they can be purchased the day of the event at Firetrucker Brewery. Plan ahead, they go fast!

Firetrucker Brewery 

FUBAR - Firetrucker Urban Brewery Assault Ride

Firetrucker Brewery  ( 37+326)

Sat May 19 2018
Ride to Des Moines Urban breweries for American Craft Beer Week on the FUBAR ride! The assault is to see how many breweries you can get to in a day. You will need to get your punchcard and wristband at Firetrucker Brewery that will get you specials at each brewery to start then you can follow our route or diverge as you tackle this ride. The ride route hits 9 breweries. We will have a punch ca... 

Molly Brandt

Firetrucker Brewery  ( 10+92)

Sat May 19 2018
Free, no cover! Molly Brandt lives and works in Des Moines as a jazz and R&B musician, piano educator, and arts advocate. A recent graduate of Drake University's Music Business program, Molly has found passion and fulfillment through community engagement with the arts and a deep love for the city of Des Moines. She performs a classic mix of R&B, soul, blues, and jazz. Sources of Inspiration incl... 

Luke Fox

Firetrucker Brewery  ( 5+25)

Fri May 18 2018
Free, no cover! Not one to be lost in the fold of other bearded troubadours and poets of his ilk, Luke Fox has blurred the lines of modern folk for quite some time as a solo performer. Sharing with his listeners every footstep of the journey which has led him to this moment, his debut album, ?A Still Between Echoes? provides an experience that he hopes is both cinematic and moving to his liste... 

Ryan O'Rien Goes Firetruckin'

Firetrucker Brewery  ( 0+0)

Sat Jun 09 2018
What're you doing June 9? You don't know yet? Well then, lemmie tell you, you'll be in Ankeny and you'll visit Firetrucker and it will be magic. They tell me I get free beer. So, Firetrucker Brewery, if you're reading this now (in January) please please PLEASE still have that black walnut brew, that shiz is teh BOMB! 

Joshua Sinclair

Firetrucker Brewery  ( 0+29)

Sat May 26 2018
Free, no cover! Using only a guitar, microphone, and a loop pedal, Josh's live performance creates a sound and style that is best described as "Ryan Adams meets Ed Sheeran." Covered with tattoos that read like a roadmap of his life to this point?a life lined with more heartbreak, rejection, & breakups than he wants to remember but also filled with so many once-in-a-lifetime experiences, includin... 

Dustin Baird

Firetrucker Brewery  ( 0+2)

Fri May 25 2018
Free, no cover! Dustin Baird is a native of Creston Iowa. He has been playing music professionally and teaching for nearly a decade. Dustin developed a love for music at an early age. Dustin?s father was a musician and music surrounded him always. Starting as a percussionist, Dustin began live gigging and recording original rock material with friends by the age of 14. Over time, Dustin gravitate... 

Andy Fleming & The Sweet Nothings w/ Matt Jessen Opening. .

Lefty's Live Music  ( 14+32)

Fri May 25 2018

Why Not at Lefty's

Lefty's Live Music  ( 1+10)

Thu Jun 21 2018
All Ages Matinee 5-9pm Why Not Why Not is a band from Minneapolis, MN, that combines the accessibility and easy listening of punk and rock, with the complicatedness and refreshing qualities of math rock to make interesting music that is also easy to get down to! Why Not released their debut LP "friends." November 25th of 2017, and will be releasing their sophomore LP "Spring Cleaning" March 21s...