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Sat Mar 24 2018

Spring Break: Happily Ever After

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Will's Pub

1042 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL, 32803

SPRING BREAK: Happily Ever After

The creators of the sporadic yet thrilling dance party are back for a special edition of SPRING BREAK: Happily Ever After.

Carrie tied the knot with Jason back in October, and Soorya is marrying David the day of this party - so with all our joy combined, we bring you a celebration without the centerpieces. This will be a dance party where you'll hear anything from 2 Live Crew to Salt N Peppa and requests are open at this link ( You're
welcome to dress up to get down, wear an old bridesmaid dress or slap on a bow-tie with your flip flops and shorts - it is SPRING BREAK after all. Congratulations to Carrie & Jason and Soorya & David!

See you there, no cover or RSVP needed.

Carrie Brown Smith    Soorya Arsala 

The Dickies, The Queers at Will's Pub

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Fri Jun 01 2018
The Dickies, The Queers at Will's Pub 

Timecop1983 at Will's Pub

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Sat Jun 02 2018
Timecop1983 Aeon Rings Korine Moondragon Vampire Step-Dad 

The Dead Boys, The Golden Pelicans, Vicious Dreams, Sick Dogs at Will's Pub

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Tue Jul 10 2018
The Dead Boys featuring original members Cheetah Chrome and Johnny Blitz The Golden Pelicans Vicious Dreams Sick Dogs Followed by Total Punk Turnbuckle Tuesday Presented by Wills Pub and Norsekorea 

Flashback Friday Emo/ Pop Punk Show

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Fri May 25 2018
Montgomery Drive and NORSEKOREA Present: Flashback Friday Emo/ Pop Punk Night w/ Young Tapes: May 25th, 2018 // 21+ // 8pm Doors Flashback Friday is a celebration of throwback emo, pop punk, power pop, and alternative music from the 90s and early 2000s, featuring live bands and a DJ playing your classic favorites. Young Tapes will be performing the greatest hits of bands like Fall Out Boy, Pan... 

Earthless at Will's Pub

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Fri Jun 08 2018
Endoxa Booking Presents: Earthless Here Lies Man and more t.b.a. 

Murder Junkies at Will's Pub

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Sat Jun 23 2018
Murder Junkies Featuring Moonmen From Mars A Killing Tradition Room Full of Strangers And The Robinson?s Doors at 8, Show at 9 $10 adv, $12 day of show 

Sixes at Will's Pub

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Mon Jun 11 2018
Endoxa Booking Presents: SIXES Hollow Leg Moat Cobra Cardinal ....doom city, featuring doom 

Chad Valley at Will's Pub

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Thu May 31 2018
Chad Valley at Will's Pub