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Thu Apr 19 2018

The Butterfly's Evil Spell

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Sunflower Theatre at KSJD

8 E Main St, Cortez, CO, 81321

The Sunflower Troupe

The Butterfly's Evil Spell
a play by Federico Garcia Lorca

April 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28
doors open at 6:45pm / show starts at 7:30pm
Tickets are $15 online / $20 at the door
Directed by Desiree Henderson

James Ayers
Heidi Brugger
James Campuzano
Sophie Dickey
Marietta Eaton
Deb Feltman
Jodi Jahrling
Tim O?Brien
Alex York
with original music by Jake Heath
Set in a little patch of garden, The Butterfly?s Evil Spell is an imaginative comedy about insects in distinctly human situations. A beetle poet falls in love with a butterfly and his love goes unrequited. Through his poetry, Garcia Lorca weaves a poetic story of love and loss with tragedy and comedy laced together through out the play. Utilizing both live actors and large mechanical puppets, this production is a visual treat for an audience of all ages. An original score by Jake Heath lends a punk sound as does the lighting and costumes. Come for a unique, one ? of ? a -kind theatre event.

Sunflower Theatre at KSJD