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Sat Apr 28 2018

PRN: Coke Dares STATE Fuglees MG&M Sump Pumps Snakeskin Cow

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Punk Rock Night Indianapolis

3826 N Illinois St, Indianapolis, IN, 46208

Punk Rock Night presents an Old School Show ? legends, reunions, and rare appearances ? a show not to be missed! Featuring performances by The Coke Dares, STATE, The Fuglees, Machine Guns & Motorcycles, The Sump Pumps, and Snakeskin Cowboy!

? Doors at 7pm
? Music at 8pm
? Only $10 Advance//$12 DoS
? 21+

Tickets available at the Melody Inn now, and online here:

The Coke Dares | Punk rock from Bloomington, IN ? reuniting for this show!

STATE | Hard Rock from Indianapolis, IN and Bloomington, IN ? reuniting for this show!

The Fuglees | Rock, comedy from Indianapolis, IN ? a rare appearance!

Machine Guns & Motorcycles | Hard rock from Indianapolis, IN ? supergroup of local legends

The Sump Pumps | Electro-punk from Bloomington/Louisville; Kentuckiana ? back in action!

Snakeskin Cowboy | Rock N Roll from Indianapolis, IN ? big in the ?90s, even bigger now!

Free street parking as well as in the lot across the street!

For more information, visit:

Machine Guns & Motorcycles    Melody Inn    Punk Rock Night Indianapolis    sump pumps 

PRN: The Toasters with The Run Up and Dissonance & Dissent

Punk Rock Night Indianapolis  ( 39+114)

Mon Jun 11 2018
Punk Rock Night and The Melody Inn presents NYC ska legends The Toasters with support by The Run Up, and Dissonance & Dissent. Don?t miss this special Monday Punk Rock Night show! ? Doors at 7pm ? Music at 8pm ? Only $8 ? 21+ The Toasters: NYC ska legends! The Run Up: Punk rock from Indianapolis, IN ? members of Lockstep, and Think Tank Di... 

The Murder Junkies, Busby Death Chair, Lurking Corpses, & HEP

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Mon Jun 18 2018
GG Allin?s band The Murder Junkies are on a special tour marking the 25th anniversary of GG?s death. Don?t miss this shock and sleaze show featuring GG?s brother, Merle Allin. Tickets available at the Melody Inn now, online here: ? Doors at 7pm ? Music at 8pm ? Only $10 Advance//$12 DoS ? 21+ The Murder Junkies | GG Allin?s band, sleazy punk rock legends from... 

PRN: JJ Pearson, Misunderstood, Epsom, Sam West & the Nightshift

Punk Rock Night Indianapolis  ( 8+9)

Sat May 26 2018
Punk Rock Night presents JJ Pearson, Misunderstood, Epsom, and Sam West & the Nightshift! ? Doors at 9pm ? Music at 10pm ? Only $6 ? 21+ JJ Pearson & His Weapons of Ass Destruction | Punk Rock, Members from the Giggies, Acid Green & Toxic Reasons. From Indianapolis, IN Misunderstood | Punk, garage from Richmond, IN Sam West and the Nig... 

Urban Pioneers at Melody Inn

Melody Inn  ( 4+33)

Wed Jun 27 2018
The amazing hillbilly swing band URBAN PIONEERS from Texas returns to Melody Inn. This is a MUST-SEE SHOW. Only $6. 

Marah in the Mainsail at Melody Inn

Melody Inn  ( 1+3)

Fri Jun 01 2018
Tickets: $7.00 Doors: 9:00PM Ages: 21+ Cinematic is the word most often used to describe Marah in the Mainsail's sound. Precise yet primitive jungle drums set the stage for the eclectic and powerful ensemble to sweep you away into their haunting world. Like oil and water, Durry's gravel voice alongside Mercedes's crystal clarity form a stirring, yet beautiful contrast. All being thrust forward b... 

The Directors Jazz Orchestra

The Jazz Kitchen  ( 0+8)

Tue Jun 26 2018
The Directors Jazz Orchestra at The Jazz Kitchen 

Cool City Jazz Band at The Jazz Kitchen

The Jazz Kitchen  ( 0+6)

Tue May 29 2018
Cool City Jazz Band at The Jazz Kitchen 

Americana Sunday | Sindacato

The Jazz Kitchen  ( 0+7)

Sun Jul 08 2018
Americana Sunday | Sindacato at The Jazz Kitchen