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Sat Feb 17 2018

The Gold Web / Fiona Silver

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Emporium Chicago - Arcade Bar Venue

1366 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL, 60622


The Gold Web
The Gold Web is Chicago?s art-glam monstrosity. Known for their highly theatrical stage shows, the group doses audiences with blissful grooves, dramatic songwriting, and an outrageous visual performance. Brandishing 6-foot wings, glitter, feathers, and face paint, The Gold Web look like they flew out of David Lynch?s dream, or Lady Gaga?s nightmare. Musically things are a little clearer? and even more irresistible; the group?s self-titled debut album traffics a charismatic brand of forward thinking indie-pop marked by surreal synths, rump shaking beats, and futuristic guitar wizardry. Assembled out of a lineage of Chicago bands and visual artists, members of The Gold Web cut their teeth touring with acts like KISS and Smashing Pumpkins, while other members curated notable galleries and pushed the boundaries of performance art communities. The result is a dreamy freak world which raises more questions than it answers. Where are we going? Will we be safe once we get there? Will we ever want to leave?

Fiona Silver (NYC)
Fiona Silver?s songs unfold like grainy film noir vignettes strewn with anachronistic stylistic signifiers, captivating narratives, and raw emotionality. The New York-based singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer calls her debut album Little Thunder. Fiona?s album comes from a swirling storm within?it?s a masterstroke that is both vulnerable and badass. Fiona?s evocative artistry encompasses the doe-eyed playfulness of 1960s girl groups, and the haunting beauty of Lady Day-era jazz, along with strains of vintage soul, classic rock, and modern indie rock. It?s a romantic aesthetic of pour-your-heart-out proportions that also harnesses humor, irony, and an alluring naiveté.
Fiona has garnered acclaim from NPR?s All Things Considered, Rodney Bingenheimer (aka "The Mayor of Sunset Strip") on both Sirius XM & KROQ FM Radio, Paste Magazine, Galore Magazine, Ladygunn Magazine, Magnet Magazine, Inked Magazine, Glamour, Black Book, Quiet Lunch, Spindle, Music Existence, Pop Dust, Good Music All Day, Break Thru Radio TV, Ukulele Magazine, Pure Volume, Culture Collide, Examiner, and Curve Magazine, among others. With her pinup girl panache and seductive charm, she?s mesmerized audiences nationally. A cross section of live highlights include performances at Mohawk Austin directly supporting Andrew W.K., The Hi Hat in Los Angeles, KCRW's Desert Nights at The Standard Hotel Hollywood, the rooftop of the iconic Georgia Theatre, as well as residencies at Rose Bar and Ace Hotel in New York. Fiona also has the added distinction of being endorsed by Telefunken Microphones, Reverend Guitars & Luna Guitars.

Emporium Chicago - Arcade Bar Venue 

Porky's Groove Machine /\ Origin of Animal /\ Ideamen

Emporium Chicago - Arcade Bar Venue  ( 40+58)

Fri May 25 2018
Porky's Groove Machine (Minneapolis, MN) - Porky's Groove Machine is a licensed provider of environmentally sustainable nerd funk that is ?ready to help you get on with your baddest self? (Maximum Ink Music Magazine, July 2017). Since forming in 2011, they?ve criss-crossed the Midwest and East Coast, bringing their mature musicality (but no so mature sense of humor) to audiences of all ages. O... 

Deep Fayed | Astro Samurai at Emporium Arcade Bar

Emporium Chicago - Arcade Bar Venue  ( 12+48)

Thu May 31 2018
Deep Fayed Progressive funk vibes in constant growth and evolution. Funk, Hip-Hop Astro Samurai ... from the absence of space and time. Soul, Funk 

Fall Classic / Augustus / She Rides Tigers

Emporium Chicago - Arcade Bar Venue  ( 8+30)

Wed May 30 2018
FREE SHOW // 21+ // 1366 N MILWAUKEE Fall Classic "Fall Classic is one of the best unheralded bands in Chicago's rock scene, though the group's latest album, "Gospel," certainly has the power to change that status. A personal album for frontman/guitarist Ryan Jeffrey Smith, "Gospel" addresses his loss of faith via an album that is curious and unpredictable, one that mixes genres and influences s... 

Better Devils / Oliver Kiss / Carrying Torches

Debonair Social Club  ( 12+5)

Fri May 25 2018
FRIDAY MAY 25 @ DEBONAIR SOCIAL CLUB DOORS OPEN 8PM Bands Performing: 8pm Better Devils ( 8:55pm Oliver Kiss ( 9:50pm Carrying Torches ( SHOW ENDS 10:30PM! DEBONAIR SOCIAL CLUB, 1575 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622, 773.227.7990,; $10 admission - 21+ Admitted 

Dig Engine/Mother Earth/Discoveries of the American Scientific

Debonair Social Club  ( 4+11)

Fri Jun 29 2018
FRIDAY JUNE 29 @ DEBONAIR SOCIAL CLUB DOORS OPEN 8PM Bands Performing: 8pm Dig Engine ( 8:55pm Mother Earth ( 9:50pm Discoveries of the American Scientific ( SHOW ENDS 10:30PM! DEBONAIR SOCIAL CLUB, 1575 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622, 773.227.7990,; $10 ad... 

Cloud Rat with Closet Witch & C.H.E.W. at Downstairs

Subterranean  ( 62+143)

Wed Jun 13 2018
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13TH | 10:30PM | $12 | 17+ | SUBTERRANEAN KickstandProductions presents... Cloud Rat - Closet Witch - C.H.E.W. - BUY TICKETS: 

Celeste w/ Infernal Coil & Moral Void at Downstairs

Subterranean  ( 43+96)

Wed Jun 06 2018
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6TH | 6:30PM | 17+ $12 ADV // $14 DOS | DOWNSTAIRS AT SUBT KickstandProductions presents... Celeste - Infernal Coil - Moral Void - BUY TICKETS: 

Of Feather and Bone // Void Omnia // Isenordal // Vukari

Subterranean  ( 41+83)

Wed Jun 27 2018
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27TH | 6:30PM | 17+ $10 ADV // $12 DOS | DOWNSTAIRS AT SUBT KickstandProductions presents... Of Feather And Bone - Void Omnia - Isenordal - Vukari - BUY TICKETS: