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Sat Feb 10 2018

Turqouiz Noiz, Borzoi, Missing Pages, Nameless Frames

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Beerland, Texas

711 1/2 Red River St, Austin, TX, 78701

Turqouiz Noiz (CA) with special guests Borzoi, Missing Pages, and Nameless Frames!
February 10, 2018
Doors: 8pm
Turqouiz Noiz

Turqouiz Noiz reigns supreme as the king of pow-wow punk. Gritty and tuneful, raw but coherent, this corner of the skate punk world comes with its own unique soundscape. Vocally powerful and lyrically potent, embodying the restless, thoughtful side of SF punk.


Somewhere between AmRep and SST Records, somewhere between The Minutemen and the Kinks, Austin?s Borzoi are a postpunk two-by-four made of Faberge eggs upside your head ?you?re not sure what hit you, but you?re impressed with the level of detail. Blistering garage punk that impresses with melodic hooks, dissonance and angular force, a straight-to-the-point flare of pre-Joy Division Warsaw.

Missing Pages

Missing Pages is a newer group from Austin led by Sweet Talk?s Stephen Svacina featuring Garrick Thurston of Slow and Ali Ditto and Gabriel Pastura of ¿Que Pasa?

Nameless Frames

Nameless Frames are a punk trio based in Austin, TX, that formed around 2014. With members representing a slew of punk bands, including Love Collector, The Zoltars, Smithers, The Fells, and French Inhales, the group sound like early waves of English and Australian punk crashing into the trash-covered shores of Texas. Nameless Frames released their self-titled debut album on Super Secret Records in February 2016. Outside of Nameless Frames, Justin Main runs Austin-based label CQ Records.

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Puerto Rico Flowers/Body Pressure/White Suns/The Young Mothers

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Have Mercy - "The Earth Pushed Back" 5 Year at Sidewinder

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