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Sat Apr 28 2018

Reiki Refresher & Share ~ Soul Fusion! with Lisa Swisher

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Sol Alchemy

2150 NE Studio Rd, # A-5, Bend, OR, 97701

What does it mean to live as Soul? And how can Reiki help us to anchor ourSelves so strongly as Soul that, in every moment, we choose love, we choose wisdom and the Light of our Soul Self, leaving behind all else?

Come join our ever expanding Reiki tribe as we strengthen the lifeforce energy (the Reiki) in ourselves and each other!

We will begin within our hearts, focusing on the Source love & light within and creating a unified field of heart coherence. From there, we will activate our palms. call on the Reiki guides and masters, and move into our group work. Ample time is provided for both giving and receiving during our table work. Special emphasis for this Refresher is consciously choosing to embody the Soul!

All levels are welcome!

What to expect/what we will practice:
~ Open communication with your Soul, the greater expanded consciousness field that is expressing as YOU!
~ Work with the reiki symbols throughout the auric field;
~ Increase your awareness of your palms as both sensors and transmitters of energy;
~ Practice summoning Source Light and Love in your sessions
~ Practice connecting to the Reiki Guides & Masters;
~ "Practice Loving Kindness" meditations, prayers and affirmations for yourself and others.
~ And always more... :)

Please arrive a few minutes early, bring a water bottle and wear comfortable clothing!

Online preregistration link below ~ $28
At the Door ~ $35
(Or, preregister with Lisa by texting 808-887-0830)

About Lisa:
Lisa C Swisher has a degree in Kinesiological Sciences and has been a Massage Therapist and Reiki Master Teacher for over 20 years. She was first introduced to Reiki in Maryland in 1986 and immediately felt the energy flowing through her heart and hands. This was the beginning for her of a lifelong study of spiritual/energy healing practices in different cultures including Filipino, Brazilian, Chinese and Hawaiian. Her passion to understand how consciousness expresses itself through the human Lightbody led to an extensive study of the chakra system and the inclusion of chakra clearing/aura healing within her Reiki practise. As a gifted clairvoyant medium she is also able to access Soul level guidance for both individual clients and group class work.

The inclusion of the Practise Loving Kindness affirmations guide the mind into heart centered compassion and facillitate healing and transformation for everyone.

Lisa regularly co-teaches all levels of Reiki with Breyn at Sol Alchemy. Upcoming Reiki workshops will continue to be listed on Sol Alchemy?s event pages. For individual sessions or inquiries please leave a comment or contact her directly at 808-887-0830. Blessing! <3

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