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Fri Jan 26 2018

EFF Cancerfest Benefit for Christine Sullivan

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Texas Rose Saloon

2013 S M.L. King Jr Pkwy, Beaumont, TX, 77701

Christine Sullivan has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is about to start chemo/radiation treatments. The costs of treatment are seriously overwhelming. Less than two years ago Christine's husband, Tony Sullivan, tragically died of leukemia. As you can imagine this is a very difficult turn of events but Christine is a fighter and ain't gonna give up any time soon. She's gonna kick cancer's a$$ but she needs our help to do it. You may know Christine from her business, Vamptropolis, or from when she was the manager of Hot Topic for about 15 years. If you don't know her, then get to know her. She's one of the coolest peeps you'll meet on this rock.

Speaking of rock, we're putting together an epic rock show to assist Christine with kicking the crap out of cancer. So far we have:

Lee Pelly: Local music legend. Singer, songwriter, guitarist and hard rock singer. Lee's done it all and done it really well. It's a treat to get him on the bill.

Ariel Bush - singer/songwriter. Her songs are uniquely hers and she has a style that will captivate and mesmerize you. If you don't walk away from her show completely blown away with her music, then you didn't deserve to be there in the first place.

Y2Steve. It's been a while but the Steve's always come through in the clutch. We started at Y2K and our last gig was the Mayian New Year, with a slight detour to help Henry Rollins and the Amish (inside joke) save the world from the Donuts. Original members Steve Swanner and Steve Fitzner will be doing a throwback set.

Motorbud - These guys are all about the rock and riffs. Amazingly good song writing combined with riff heavy hard rock. It's Rock that sticks to your ribs and fires you up. These guys are seriously good and you need to see them all the time., but especially at the Eff Cancer Fest.

Raw Honey - Great name. Rock and Roll that's Raw-ks and tunes as sweet as Honey. These guys are tearing it up, rebuilding it and then tearing it up again. Excited to have these guys rocking out at the show.

There will also be a raffle, various products, a bake sale and links. All proceeds go to help cover the cost of cancer treatments. Donations are welcome too.

If you want to donate items for the raffle then PM me with a picture of the item to add to this page. This page is just getting started so check back often. I'll post updates as things get rolling.

$6 cover 21+
$7 cover -21

$3.00 ICE COLD Domestics
$3.75 ICE COLD Premiums
BYOL Bottle Fee $5.00 per bottle (any size)
$1.50 Setups

Texas Rose Saloon    Steve Fitzner 

Motorbud, Gilt, Holoverse, Steve Fitzner

Texas Rose Saloon  ( 12+11)

Sat Jun 16 2018
We have a nice little mixture for you on this night! Funny guy, Steve Fitzner, will be starting the night off with a little dark humor followed up by Austin punk band, Gilt. Motorbud will be rockin out bringing in Holoverse to throw it down! $6 cover 21+ $7 cover -21 $3.00 ICE COLD Domestics $3.75 ICE COLD Premiums BYOL Bottle Fee $5 per bottle (any size) $1.50 Setups 

Empyrean Design and TBA

Texas Rose Saloon  ( 5+1)

Fri Jul 06 2018
You know how we love southern Louisiana metal! We know how YOU love southern Louisiana metal! So...this is what's happening! Empyran Design is making their presence known and the neighbors are going to know them, too! ;) Other acts are TBA $6 cover 21+ $7 cover -21 $3.00 ICE COLD Domestics $3.75 ICE COLD Premiums BYOL Bottle Fee $5.00 per bottle (any size) $1.50 Setups