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Sun Apr 15 2018

HUSH Series - Long Tone Choir: spring

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Center for New Music

55 Taylor St, San Francisco, CA, 94102

Tickets: $15 General, $10 Members
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spring is the third in a five-part series of durational (two-hour) performance installations, based on the seasons. The soundscape of spring is inspired by nature?s gradual process of shifting from winter?s dormancy ? through subtle awakenings followed by steady and explosive processes of growth ? into spring?s blooming vitality. The overall effect of this work is a long, steady shift from quiet simplicity to an ever increasing intricacy of sound. The durational aspect of this work and the rate at which change occurs pleasantly alters perceptions of sound, while time is experienced as vast, fluid and organic.

About the Long Tone Choir

The Long Tone Choir is a manifold project based on the cornerstones of listening, breathing, mindfulness, and responsive sounding. Founded by Rae Diamond in 2013, it is a path of personal and communal exploration, consisting of local and national communities of singers and a growing body of composition-meditations scored in English text. These texts are easy to learn, yet result in complex, organic evolutions of sound-art. Our repertoire creates biotic and centripetal developments of sound, time and perception by using the inherently irregular tempo of breath as the musical pulse, playing within the harmonic series with specific pitches, vowels and vocal manipulations, and traversing the ragged edges of harmonic adventure through aleatory methods.

About the HUSH Series

The HUSH Series, created by Center for New Music curator Julia Ogrydziak, explores sound as meditation. We feature artists and works which suspend us in time. Giving us a space and a moment to breathe in a hectic world.

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